Overview / Parts List

Instructions contributed by Zack Freedman

Congratulations on buying your own Karma Controller! Your time-wasting productivity will never be higher! But more importantly, we hope you enjoy soldering this board together whether forever alone or with a friend.

If you’ve never soldered before, check out this comic for some tips, or visit a local hackerspace to get help and tools. Or, sign up to find out when you can buy a pre-assembled Karma Controller.

Before you begin, check that your kit has all these items:

Karma Controller Kit

1x Karma Controller board:

Karma Controller Board
1x Digispark (Arduino-compatible microcontroller):

DigiSpark Microcontroller
7x Tact Switches (buttons):

Button / Tact Switch
7x Button Caps:

Button Cap
7x 10k Resistors:

10 KOhm Resistor
2x 1k Resistors:

1 KOhm Resistor
1x 4.7k Resistor:

4.7 KOhm Resistor
1x Set of Female headers:

Female Headers

1x Set of Male headers:

Male Headers


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