Programming the Controller

There are two ways to program your new Karma Controller: use our one-click installer or do it manually.

The Easy Way

  1. Download the one-click installer for Mac, Linux, or Windows here:
  2. Open it up. Plug in the controller. Done.

The (Not Really) Hard Way

  1. Download the Karma Controller code and install the DigiSpark Arduino IDE.
  2. Open the Karma Controller code file and click the “Upload” button. Within 30 seconds, plug in Karma Controller using a USB extension cable.



  1. Your Karma Controller is done! Prepare to Reddit like a sir. Make sure you have Reddit Enhancement Suite set up on your browser, then visit the Karma Controller post and test out that Upvote button!
  2. Finally, make sure you sign up to get news about software updates and other cool things (like cases! – coming soon)